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ok for all you people who say that if you dont live in the 5 boroughs then your upstate then your just plain retarded.. i live in manhasset which is literally 10 minutes away from bayside which is queens, so yea unless they are hicks in bayside which i highly doubt there are NO hicks 10 minutes away.. just because it is considered long island doesnt mean that if you live in manhasset you arent a real new yorker or dont have an accent or watever the hell the rest of you illiterate idiots who waste their time on this say, this is supposed to tell you a definition of a place, not judge it and put in your own opinions so get a life and stop arguing about this and most importantly get your damn facts straight.. because dont try to tell me that you or your friends or parents or people you know dont come to manhasset to go to the americana.. because you DO.. and its not hicky and we dont have farms just cause its on long island
long island girls do it better

thats why all your city butts are in the hamptons for your summers and most of you have houses there!
by greekgirl25 October 21, 2005
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