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when a girl is still flying under the gaydar about her extreme desire to bump cooters, lick beav, bullfrog the vag, scooby doo the furry hatchet wound, etc.

in other words, she is still believed by most to play the meat trombone, play the bagpipes, pull the ripcord, etc.
man, i thought for sure i was going to get laid last night. who in their right mind would have thought i'd strike out. classic case of lesbianage! i wish her the best of luck on her beef curtain quest, maybe soon she will share it with the rest of the world.
by graybooski got phucked by elco January 20, 2010
it's the hairline cut really short on black guys. jamie foxx is a perfect example. his hair is cut mucho short but he still has a noticably perfect hairline intact.

NOT to be confused with "fraulein" which i believe is the german word for a young girl or unmarried woman.

note: please excuse the omitted "motley crue" dots above the "a" in fraulein.
damn bouyyyyy!!!! did you see that sucka's froline? damn near to his eyebrows sho nuff'!
by graybooski got phucked by elco January 20, 2010

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