17 definitions by grasshoppers

a strong laugh at someone else's expense, a leet-ified version of the loud laugh sound "haw"
<jbm> omg that ch1x0r I wanted to nail was a dude!
<Strike> h4w!
by grasshoppers January 16, 2003
1. nickname for the Son of God in his triple jumping years, also see jebus

2. (usually preceded by "great") an exclamation
Great jumpin Jesus, you scared the crap out of me!
by grasshoppers January 20, 2003
a euphemism for toilet, see Cosby kids
Woo, just got done droppin' the kids off at the pool! Now I feel much better!
by grasshoppers January 20, 2003
One of the many posters on the slashdot site whose comments make no sense. They are often fagmonic trolls or fucktards.
Gawd I'm suck of these freaking slashtards on /.
by grasshoppers January 20, 2003
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