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a game popular in some parts of california.

it's punch buggy, only you don't hit people, and you aren't looking for vw bugs, you are looking for a toyota prius. the point break down is this:

5 pts per prius
60 pts if you see a prius re fuling at a gas station
60 pts if you see a prius at a drive-thru
400 pts if you see a prius with any of the following bumper stickers:
-a pro bush sticker
-a pro-life sticker
-a support our troops sticker
-"jesus loves me"

this game can go on for one car trip, or you can carry a notepad to keep points for a long term game. if it is a long term game, people can get extra points (double) for each prius they see while riding in a prius.

*can be played for money.
She kicks my ass every time we play the prius game.
by graphic freedom June 22, 2006

creepy and lurky... at the same time.
Sitting outside the shady club in my beat up car, i knew I was looking pretty clurpy.
by graphic freedom June 22, 2006
a.k.a Salt Lake City.
Mormon Central. Not a big hanukkah town.
Conservitive, hard to find good coffee or beer.
Not welcoming to comunists, punks, or Californians.
Why do you think I'm here? 'Cause I love this place? Salt Lake Shitty?
by graphic freedom June 20, 2006

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