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A man with handsome features and an all around great guy who loves walking on the beach and playing lacrosse.
The young girls love him (16-25) years old but he loves all the older women "cougars" (35-55) years old. He sometimes can be a trader but the ladies still love him. He is a genius at playing video games, COD modern warfare 2 is the game he is really good at if you want to play him he has an xbox live account...go add if you want to play the gamer tag is....grandeRoOsTeR94...
1. Bro, Im a Marco at Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2
2.Why do i love older women so much... I have to be a Marco
3. Look at him he is such a Marco
by grandeRoOsTeR94..(xbox live) March 29, 2011
The greatest game ever created by infinity ward. It takes over your life and you will probably will never get laid. The further you get in to the game the more it eats your life away. It has a good storyline an d the graphics are gorgeous. And xbox live will change you forever. It whoops halos ass and killzone 2 looks like shit compared to it. If you want to play just add me on xbox live.... grandeRoOsTeR94
Dad: Come on son its time for your moms funeral

Son: Leave me alone DAD! im on a 24 killstreak...will they have call of duty modern warfare 2 at the funeral.
by grandeRoOsTeR94..(xbox live) March 30, 2011

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