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5 definitions by graham smith

a short skirt,worn well above the knees by young ladies,and even some older ladies too. first on the scene in the 1960's has been around every since.
wow look at the legs on her ,that skirt is a killer mini.
by graham smith July 03, 2005
going without underwear,
she went to the club without her kinickers,going commando,knickerless
by Graham Smith June 27, 2005
to go without underwear,
oh gosh look at her she is knickerless
by graham smith July 03, 2005
A great Scottish munter who drinks diet coke after a night on the pish
by Graham Smith May 02, 2003
A very funny man,sadly dead now.
a incredible adlibber on stage or in an interview
game show host and comeidan
by graham smith June 27, 2005