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pronounced: "Jaz-na" a jasna is a small, hunched creature of goblin-like stature. usually quite awkward and oblivious and in some cases very hard of hearing. while generally stupid they are extremely tolerant. other features include a general lack of washing and a rather pungent stench, approach carefully, the stink is said to be very hard to get rid of. common habbits of the modern jasna include strumming a midget guitar and patting cats and being mostly annoying. the jasna experiences a condition quite similar to that of the 'fainting goat' in which when the jasna is excited she loses conciousness for a brief period of time. this eventually leads to brain damage. there is only one known jasna currently in existence at this time.
Interesting Person: "So what do you think about...(insert current topic)"

Jasna: ".................huh?"

Interesting Person: "Oh why are you so OBLIVIOUS jasna??"
by graham logan-hill February 01, 2011

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