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The study of the Emo culture.
Usually people majoring in this field will find emo hair very attractive and have the urge to pet it.
Alex: Whoa! Look at that guy's emo hair!!
Gracie: It's so pretty! We should pet it!
Karen: *runs up and asks if we can pet his hair*
Heather: *writes down in Emology book*
by graciegarcia March 02, 2008
A Heatheríto Lemòn(Burrito) is a band loser. Trombone is this creature's weapon of choice. Can usually be seen with a Gracie Garcia. Heatherito's have shortish hair, once long. Amazingly pretty. Can dance quite well. Ridiculously smart.

To spot a Heatherito, simply listen..you may hear the sound of Regina Spektor or Mika. Either that or listen for her spanglish..occasionally spurts of spanish will escape her lips as she talks.
Garcia - "Hola Heatherito."
Heatherito - "O.O"

Karen - "Look! I've got the Heather action figure! With limited addition, trombone action!"

Alex - "My little pony..."

Le End.
by graciegarcia March 03, 2008

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