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4 definitions by governor ephraim

INSURANCE Revenue Service. Congress' new health insurance plan that will make you buy health insurance from the people you hate.
Bud: we got a new IRS with lots more government.

Buddy: WTF??

booty whoreprouncle samcongressmansenatorcorruptionlobbyist
by Governor Ephraim December 21, 2009
Government of the lobbyists, by the lobbyists, and for the lobbyists. Also known as the United States of America.
In the U.S. lobbyism flourishes at the expense of middle class Americans.

Lobbyism is different from capitalism because it is based on greed and bribery; while capitalism implies business conducted on a “level playing field.”

Lobbyism is our government gone corrupt.

Lobbyism brought the U.S. a financial meltdown, a huge recession and the worst environmental disaster in the nation’s history.

We wanted health insurance reform, but lobbyism won; now we have a mandate to buy over-priced health insurance from profiteers.
by governor ephraim June 28, 2010
BP Oil Gusher at the Bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. An underwater oil well drilling disaster of unimagined proportions.
BP's hell-hole is creating the biggest fucking mess in the history of saltwater pollution. Birds, fish, beaches and mammals are getting drowned by the oil. Give BP the corporate death-sentence by a U.S. capture of all of its assets.

BP is an international energy company that likes to have off-shore oil rigs that drill hell-holes miles underwater where an oil leak can poison the entire Gulf of Mexico.
by governor ephraim June 06, 2010
a short form of "constitutional convention" defined in Article V of the U.S. Constitution which allows the states to convene a convention to propose amendments to the Constitution.
If 2/3rds of the States approve a constitutional amendment in a con-con then it would become an amendment to the Constitution if 3/4 of the States vote in favor of it.

A con-con is the only way to stop rampant, rabid and rapacious corruption in Congress. Congress will only vote to pass a law that benefits Congress. A con-con can stop the voracious appetite members of Congress have to make themselves wealthy at the expense of the people.
Man, a con-con sounds like a great idea. It could overturn Citizens United and give the people a fair, balanced health insurance reform bill that will stop the new IRS insurance revenue service in its tracks.

The only way to fix our broken U.S. government is with a con-con.
by governor ephraim April 10, 2010