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An all girls prep school in Virginia, middle of no-where Virginia that is. The girls are mostly nice, though the bitchy, southern belle types with daddy's money and moms taste in Lilly are present.

The teachers are good, most everyone has a PhD, so there are plenty of intellectual conversations to be had. There are one or two teachers who will tear out your heart and eat it for breakfast, but every school has those.

If you want a boyfriend, it is possible..but not advised if you don't like long distance. Chathams brother school, Woodberry Forest is 4 hours away, and the only school they have mixers with often. And those boys are pretty much annoying, imauture and sex-deprived.

There is a military school, Hargrave, right next door, but most Chatham girls won't deign to go out with any of them.

The academics are good, and if you go there you do have a better chance of getting into a good college, and even if you don't, you will get into Sweet Briar, an all women's college almost identical to Chatham Hall.

It isn't quite hell on earth, but it touches on the outer circles now and then with the "oh we don't have cliques" attitude and the obsession with Lilly Pulitzer.

If you go here, PLEASE, try to be yourself and not get taken in by the preppy princesses and their horses. Maybe you can help change Chatham into the diverse community of free thinking and respectful individuals it strives to be!!!
Girl 1: should I go to Chatham hall?

Girl 2: sure, just don't get brain washed by the horse poop and fake enthusiasm
by googoodollsandpeanutbutter July 17, 2012

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