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Used by stupid girls like P. Hilton to show how cool and modern they are. But actually it just emphasizes their low IQs, and how retardic they are.
Paris: "Omg I'm like the most popular girl ever!"
Nicky: "Like wow!"
Paris: "Ya I know. I'm like so cool. Just look at me!"
Nicky: *sighs* "We rock!!"
Paris: "Like im more popular than the queen!!!"
Nicky: "You're more popular than me! I'm just the younger
sister who's like less cool than you!"
Paris: "I know! Doh!! If it werent for ME, you'd be a
nobody. Like I'm so amazing."
Nicky: "Like omg yeah!'
by googoo 101 September 29, 2006
A drink made from the roots of a plant that's quite popular in fiji and the south pacific.

Its more of a social drink which pacific islanders take to merry-make @ social/tradtional events

Muddy brown in colour and quite sour and nasty-tasting. If you ask me, its absolute crap! Why anyone would wanna drink it is beyond me!
man1: "lets drink kava"
man2: "yeah!"
man1: "I cant live without my kava"
by googoo 101 September 29, 2006

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