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the most beautiful girl alive, she's perfect in every aspect, and is also the coolest girl alive!.
"wow she looks like a katie"
'awe, dude she totally is, but watch it her bf's a monster-of-a-dude!'
"wow i guess, look at that guy! =O"
by gomez appople jorb May 28, 2008
a term often used be hill billies or rednecks, during the burning of african american figurines, this word has no meaning its just fun to use.
"hey boy wat you doin?"
'we's gonna burn us a nigro!'
"hot damn!, i did not bring my fire sticks"
'you dumb asshole you!'
"well anywho lets catch them nigro's a flame"
'well allright! howdajudanow!!!!'
by gomez appople jorb May 28, 2008

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