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zokes comes from the word "jokes". zokes, means that: whatever i said i didn't mean it... but it was prety funny when i said it!! {instead of using jks (to say u were joking) just use zks.
-wow buddy, u really suck at basketball.
-screw you man!!!
-woah! easy there, i was only zokes... just zokes.
by golsta January 21, 2008
the word gol may be the spanish word for goal, but in english it means: to "gasp out loud" which happens when someone is, surprised beyond words.
-yo i heard that sarah cheated on josh.
-gol!...wow, didn't see that one coming.
by golsta January 21, 2008
It's the combination of an idiot and a midget.-(a midget in this case refers to anyone who is smaller than you)
that kid over there is a serious idget.
by golsta January 21, 2008

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