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the most pungent female genitalia can possibly become
Abdul: Woah that reaks! When was the last time you washed that!?

Lola: You're supposed to wash it?

Abdul: Uh.. YEAH! That is just fish-cheese-dirtity. I shall depart now. Farewell.
by glandular poet January 12, 2012
The moment of realisation in which having gone down on a female you realise her vagina is that of such gut wrenching fish-cheese-dirtity one begins to retch in disgust yet attempt to stifle the notion however result by making a high pitched squeal much like that of a pig
Keith: You know you should get that checked out..

Fatima: That squeal wasn't a stilton piglick was it?

Keith: I'm afraid so.

*Fatima weeps*
by glandular poet January 12, 2012
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