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An expert marksman in the sport of rubber band archery, matching the skills of Robin Hood.
Dan can shoot rubber bands like nobody's business, he's quite the Rubber Hood.
by Gitta May 19, 2006
When a woman has a very masculine back. This disturbing and very unfeminine feature includes any or all of these features: broad shoulders, large back muscles (lats and traps), or lots of moles or freckles.
Girlfriend: "Is that a man or a woman?"
Guy: "It's a girl, but that's some serious man back!"
by Gitta December 23, 2005
Used as a pejorative to describe someone's shitty behavior.
Man, thanks a lot for borrowing my car without asking, you are so awesomecore!
by Gitta May 18, 2006
The new way to say kick ass.
That was a kick tail party!
by Gitta May 22, 2006
The holey perforated edge of old-skool dot-matrix printer paper.
Man, I printed out 25 pages for this english report, look at all the chit I had to tear off!
by Gitta March 30, 2004

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