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An expulsion of atypically non-odoriferous pressure from the rectum.
I would excuse myself, but I'm pretty sure it's only butt air.
by gis_in_my_pants September 09, 2010
the irrational fear that you will be unable to access a restroom because of extenuating circumstances, such as a full pew at church or a long line at a bar
Driven by her pewaphobia, Susan made sure to use the restroom three times before church.
by gis_in_my_pants September 22, 2010
A portmanteau of "nightmare" and "scenario." It's the worst possible outcome of an already bad situation.
Getting dumped while Boston was down 7-1 was bad, but having the kiss cam catch it all was a total nightmario.
by gis_in_my_pants November 07, 2011
a cheetos cheese puff
I stopped eating cheese puffs one day when I realized the orange and curved treats have a slight resemblance to a ginger dick.
by gis_in_my_pants October 04, 2010

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