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2 definitions by girl from Madrid

Foodie who takes pictures of food and displays it on Facebook or any other website for their friends to see and drool over.

Person who describes all their gourmet meals online for friends to envy and want to see.
Oh you are such a foodie and food pornist always posting your gourmet cooking on line for us to drool over.

Person who posts pictures of food or descriptions of food so good they are considered a food pornist.
by girl from Madrid July 06, 2011
4 1
Lower than your average douche bag.
Looser person that is the sidekick best buddy, to a douche bag.
That guy is lower on the totem pole of society, than a douche bag, he's a "douche bag wrapper", so disposable.

You are nothing but a "Douche bag wrapper". Your douche bag friend uses you and throws you away.

Wanna be rapper that hangs around douche bags.
Did you see that D.B.W.( Douche bag wrapper)?
by girl from Madrid July 09, 2011
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