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Another name, nickname if you will, for a ginger boy who when a primary school had his name spelt incorrectly by a friend. His friends must from then on refer to him as tamse although tams is also an acceptable form although anyone found spelling it 'tamsy tamsey tamsie' must me corrected immediately and punished respectively
Oi hey tamse
look it's tamse! What a legend
I wish I was like tamse
by ginger james July 03, 2012
Continued on next message- derived from modern phones having a character limit so from over 450 characters converting to a mms. This abbreviation allows the user to easily and quickly identify that they have run out of space but the message has not yet come to a conclusion
...Ohh I'm running out of space c.o.n.m
...yeah I know how hilarious tams is and he's just so c.o.n.m
by ginger james July 14, 2012
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