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Salopianism (Adjective)- Refers to the language of Shrewsbury and Shropshire (Salop)
It's all mon this, sort me out some business lad that. Every other word's a stupid salopianism of some sort.
#colloquialism #slang #regional #salop #shrewsbury
by ginga from Salop June 26, 2006
1. jib (Verb) To lightly ridicule in a humourous and friendly or well meaning way. A familiar Salopian concept.
Should be used with extreme caution. Experience has shown that many people do not understand the concept of jib and as a result friendships can be broken.

2. jibby (adjective) a person of statement that displays jib.
"Why did she stress when i called her a gash-eater? It was just a bit of jib!"

Sorry I called your mum a worn-out shoe last night, I get a tad jibby after a few ales lad.
#jibby #gyb #gib #ridicule #piss take #shit
by ginga from Salop June 26, 2006
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