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is someone who have injected steroids into their balls to make them grow larger.
Damn i took some ballroids yesterday and i waked up whit balls twice the normal size this is the best thing i ever tried it looks like two ewoks chilling in my boxers.
#testicles #steroids #growt #ballroids #ewoks
by giggla! July 12, 2011
when a man fucks a woman in the ass, cums inside her, then pulls out hes dick and holds it under her ass as she squeezes out the cum on hes dick. Then makes her suck hes dick clean and swallow it
While doing my girlfriend in the ass last night, i decided to finish up inside her, then noticing she was dripping, i decided to make her squeeze it all over my dick, then i made her suck and lick it all clean, oh how i love penor felching
#anal sex #blow job #cum #ass #swallow
by giggla! July 25, 2010
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