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It is a ass hole but stricly only an ass hole that is experiencing an extreme bout of the trots and when a pork sword is thrust within it rapidly shits upon the unhappy shaggers balls.
Her vag was rather slack and hanging loose like the mouth of a tired dog, so i decided to ram it in her shit snatch and all hell broke loose, how was i supposed to know she had a dickey tummy and she shat on my balls.
by gibbomcgland August 15, 2007
When someone is so drunk that they appear to be from a parralel universe or another planet. Speaking a language not known to man and acting in a way to contradict all known reality etc.
Fuck me mate i got proper munted last night.
But shit me did you see dave he was slam twatted, especially when he nailed that copper in the poo cunt.
by gibbomcgland August 15, 2007
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