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a japanese saturday school. it starts at 9am on saturdays and ends at 3:30pm with lunch and break inbetween. mostly made up of japanese FOBS, happas, or wannabe american japanese kids.

most of them are forced to go by their asian parents, therefore cannot go anywhere on saturdays.
person 1 "DAMNNN so glad its a friday mann, u wanna go catcha movie tomorrow?"
person 2 " cantt i got fucking japanese asahi gakuen sat skool tomorrow"
person 1 "woahh you have japanese school on SATURDAYS??!? thats freaking torture man."
person 2 "yeee ikr it sucks haha we get to learn like 90 characters a week"
person 1 " shit that sucks dick EYY do u hav any homework though??"
person 2 " lmfao yeah we do"
person 1 "sucks man...sucks to be you..."
by ghost(: January 14, 2011

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