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2 definitions by ghettosmurf69

A female version of a gumby (Someone with little or no co-ordination or common sense and lacks any talent or potential to do anything but fuck everything up. - Scotty). Originally used to describe a particularly gumby Punjabi girl called Priya.
Priya we'll never get this spit roast going with you being such a gumbette!
by ghettosmurf69 August 25, 2007
One who is destined to live the rest of their days looking, sounding or acting like a 12 year old. Etymology: a portmanteau of permanent and tweenager.
Nirusha, stop acting like such a goober. You're 22 for God's sake, you'll end up a permatween at this rate.
by ghettosmurf69 February 24, 2010