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When honey is added to a joint or blunt to make it burn slower and taste sweet.
"Damn that honey blunt hit so smooth i'm soo baked!"
by get stupid July 28, 2006
Best professional surfer maybe of all time. 6x World Cup winner and 2x Triple Crown winner. Shreds up the water efortlessly and looks good while doing. Also is rumored to be with the victorias secret model Gisele.
Kelly Slater is the gnarliest surfer I have ever seen! Did you see him drop in on that 9 ft swell?
by get stupid August 11, 2006
Being together is being able to be "together" without the title of "boyfriend/girlfriend". It causes less talk at school if you have that problem. It means you are more than friends but you can still hookup with other people with out guilt (hopefully). But in the end it just causes broken hearts.
Alex:Are Erika and Brian going out?
Devin: No they're just together.
by get stupid July 28, 2006

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