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A skater type person, donning oval shaped skating shoes. Usually also wearing cargo shorts that come to the bottom of the knee, and an excessively graphic graphic tee that tends to draw your sight from the peripheral, only to rape your senses once you've focused on it.

gerbs are also known to own many assortments of graphic flat-brimmed hats, usually having one to match each of their excessively graphic tee shirts. they tend to have some piercing, either the eyebrow or small gauges.

the gerb's hobbies are usually transfixed on skate-type hobbies, either some sort of skating or often times "tagging" the areas just like they learned from tony hawk underground video game series.

gerbs smoke (and will attempt to sell you) a distinct strain of low quality marijuana called "gerb weed" which will immediately make you pass out and wake up with no energy. gerbs should be avoided at all cost, they are a total and utter waste.
the new guy that moved in down the hall is a total gerb. Not only does he stink up the whole hall doing his shitty "tag-art" with all those spraypaints, but i hear him clunking around in those obnoxious skate shoes all damn day. fucking gerb
by gerby gerb gerb May 29, 2012

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