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the wealthier side of charlotte, except people have no taste. they are all like robots, and all the soccer moms drive honda odyssey mini-vans, shop at target, and carry around their ugly vera bradley diaper looking handbags. people never eat at home, and the lines for chick-fil-a and wendys are like an hour long. instead of making their parents buy them nice cars, the "rich" north carolina redneck farm children buy pick up trucks or jacked up jeeps and spray disgusting shit mud all over them. they also are all a bunch of jesus freaks. people in south charlotte think that stonecrest is the shit, except it is just a stupid strip mall and it is probably more crowded than downtown on the weekends. the whole year consists of looking foward to the family vacation to either mrytle beach or hilton head, depending on if your house has wheels or not. everyone pretends to be a virgin, but they really gave it up when they were 13 at their annual youth group retreat.

south charlotte soccer mom: lets go to church yall! have you seen the new vera bradley bags at carolina place mall?!
south charlotte pta mom: no, but i think we should ban art books from barnes and nobles because they have nudity and i dont want to deflower my childs virgin eyes!
by general andrew jackson January 10, 2008

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