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1)Usually a female but always retarded who will pole dance for crayons, sweets or coin.

2)A very highly sexed person with downes sydrome that is struck for cash. Sex mongs are often cheeper than the regular exotic dancers just be sure to take a packet of biscuits as payment.
"dance little sex mong dance" uncle Barry
by gem & si November 15, 2006
A hot tarzan is made of cheese and resides on top of a freshly cooked pizza pie. The mozzerella only becomes a hot tarzan when you take a mouth full and a stringy piece of cheese remains attached as you take the pizza slice from your mouth. When the resistance of the cheese is broken the piping hot stringy lil fella, still attached to your mouth, will swing down to your neck region and burn like a absolute twat.
"Ouch, im not leaving a tip that sloopy gelesbian hot tarzaned me" uncle barry pizza express 2004
by gem & si November 15, 2006
A pay-cheque given to the unemployed from the government /state at the cost of tax payers money; used for the strict purpose of sex with hookers/visiting 'massuers'/femme de la nuit.
I'm off down york road, can't wait to pump my nads, just got my sex giro.
by gem & si November 16, 2006

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