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Somebody who has a parent born in Romania and a parent born in Bulgaria.
My mother was born in Romania and my father in Bulgaria. I am a Romarian. (Roma from Romanian + rian from Bulgarian)
by geekos April 19, 2011
Transpenisvalnia is an imaginary country where Drapula was the ruler, oposite to Transilvania, or Transylvania, Romanian province where Dracula was realy the ruler some hundreds of years ago. Drapula is a combination of words derived from Dracula and pula - from the Romanian word for dick, penis, therefore Transpensilvania is the imaginary country where Drapula (the fucker vampire) was the ruler.
Dracula was ruler over Transilvania, but the fucking Drapula was ruler over Transpenisvalnia.
by geekos November 14, 2011
Someone who likes and buys all kinds of Samsung electronics, like TVs, tablet PCs, mobile phones, etc.
"Do you know that guy, Ben? He bought a Samsung 3D TV, a Samsung Tablet PC, even a Samsung mobile phone!"
"Yea, I know him. He's a samsunger.
by geekos August 12, 2011
Someone who is a student and a soldier in the same time, like a student in a military institute, sold from soldier + ent from student.
"I was a soldent in the Navy Institute from 1997 till 2000."
by geekos November 13, 2011
Some personage like a Dracula (Romanian vampire) but who uses his dick much more (pula is the Romanian word for dick, prick, male sexual organ)
I think Drapula was more real than Dracula.
I do not know who was Dracula but I know about Drapula, a fucker in the neighborhood.
by geekos November 13, 2011
Some food that someone doesn't like.
"Hi, Gabby, let's go to eat something at the Key eF Cee."
"Sorry, Claude, I never eat Kentucky Fucking Chicken!
by geekos November 16, 2011
Somebody who has a parent born in Bulgaria and the other one born in Romania. Bulga (from Bulgarian) + nian (from Romanian)
My mother was born in Bulgaria and my father in Romania. I am a Bulganian.
by geekos April 19, 2011

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