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31 definitions by gbrd

A party with black people, strippers, guns, 40's and rap music.
I invited snoop dogg, the game, biggie smalls, and 2pac to my gangsta party next friday.
by Gbrd December 17, 2007
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A man who trys to run for office every year knowing that he will not win but still runs anyways.

But since we live in a horrible political environment we will never vote for a 3rd party canidate.
Don't be a hater and vote for nader!

Ralph Nader will probably still be running in the election of 2050.

Ralph Nader would make a better president than Hilary Clinton.
by Gbrd December 17, 2007
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Niggaz With Attitutde, A california based hiphop group that came from the streets of compton
-Consists of Eazy-E ,ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and MC Ren, some of the best rappers of their time. Active from 1986 to 1991.

NWA And The Posse - 1987
Straight outta compton (clean)- 1988
Straight outta compton - 1989
100 Miles And Runnin
niggaz4life - 1991
NWA's style is different from most modern rap groups.
by gbrd December 17, 2007
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Computer Information Technology, or IT
He went to school for CIT.
by gbrd December 18, 2007
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Cassiday AKA Da Hustler, real name Barry Adrian Reese, also known as the King of Philidelphia.

He is considered the greatest rapper out there under 26 years old.

Barry started taking rap music seriously in 1996, in junior highschool. He rap battled for fun, but then turned to the streets for economic reasons. He rap battled a local friend on the phili radio station 103.9, and was crowned champion. After that, he would win battles weekly. The 103.9 host Cipher Zulu signed him with a deal for a few songs and a demo, but did not ammount to anything other then studio expeirence.

One year later he was in a barber shop with swizz beats father, and he wanted cassidy to rap for him.
He was only 16 years old at this time, a junior in highschool, but the next thing he knew he was traveling to new york with Shizz Lansky and Cal Akbar and were signed in a group called the Ruff Ryders.

After that Swizz beats created songs with cassidy, and they have created about 25 songs together now. Swizz helped him rap to beats better, but cassidy had made his rep by battling, but he learned a better sense to rhyme and beats.

Cassidy's rap name became Da Hustler, and he was the king of philidelphia. But in 2005, he was charged with murder that took place in his neighborhood. He claimed that he was innocent. The charge was on april 15, shooting of a 22 year old man.

According to police Barry Reese and two other men were armed with .45 and .40 caliper pistols and 9mm pistols, ak47 assault rifles, and 7.62mm rifles, and gunshots went off at 1am on april 15 in an argument. He got a warrant for his arrest, but still released his alblum "im a hustla" on june 28. He was sentanced 11 months in jail, not guilty of murder, but guilty of conspiracy.

After this, cassidy released the alblum B.A.R.S. The Barry Adrian Reese Story, in the first song he rap battles himself his old self, Da Hustler, VS his new self B.A.R.S. and his new self wins. He uses all real disses about himself. He was attempting to change his ways after being accused of murder. And he wrote the song "I'm an innocent man"
Cassidy - Innocent man

"I do the damn thing
Bezzel and the band bling
Sling grams spend 10 grand on a damn ring
I run philly, I ain't tryin be the damn king
But the damn thing can get pulled like a hamstring
I use to hang with these niggas from my hood mane
Yea I showed them the world I took them out the hood mane
Yea it cost some cahnge but it's all good mane
Cause I got money to burn like pack woods mane
And we was smoking, joking and poppin bottles
Getting open storking poking and poppin modles
I was hoping that they could get paper with me
But when I start gettin cake they start hating on me
They showed up to the crib that my mother was at, my son baby mother and my brother was at
And the was straped acting tuff and started busting the gak
And to protect my family I start busting it back... bllllllaaaaakkk"

"They tried to give me the death penalty or life witout the possibility of porole
But thanks to god I'm here now
And I wanna say rest in peace to desmond hawkins and I wanna give respects out to his family cause they didn't have nothing to do with it I apologize but you really can't knock me for riding for my famliy cause you would do the same... fa real"
by gbrd January 25, 2008
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A long white t-shirt usually 3xl or higher, used as a uniform for local gangs such as in Philly, Detroit, Queens, or Compton. Every urban youth on the street has a plain white tee on.

Style originated in the early 80s by black people in the projects because they were too poor to afford real clothes, but has now become a style. White boyz aka wiggas have recently cought onto this style in 2002-2004 because of the song by Dem Franchize Boyz.
lookin fresh in your white tee
by gbrd January 24, 2008
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shrotened way of saying the word "because"
bob: wtf y u do dat?!
jim: bkuz
by gbrd December 18, 2007
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