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Arabic for "I love to take it in the ass". Generally shouted by suicide bombers before they pull the switch.
Suicide Bomber - "Allah Akbar!" (Explosion)
Bystander - "Wow, didn't know he was a fag."
by GAW II May 07, 2008
To spit or swallow after oral sex is actually a false choice, since these are not the only two options. In fact most girls (gay men as well) choose to swallow, or do not allow the man to come in their mouth at all. Very few intentionally take a load in the mouth only to spit it back out.
Man: So, spit or swallow, baby?

Woman: Umm... maybe you could come on my boobs instead?

Man: Oh. Uhh... yeah! That'd be awesome!
by GAW II May 25, 2008
Victoria's Secret: Lace in your ass-crack is uncomfortable.
Victoria's Secret must stay secret, or else she'll be poor.
by GAW II October 24, 2008
Date rape is an archaic term from a past time.

The definition of date rape: Rape committed by a person known to the victim. That's it. RAPE committed by someone who is NOT a complete stranger to the victim.

Many people nowadays might find this confusing. "Isn't that just rape?" they might ask? Well when the term date rape was coined, no it wasn't. 40, 30, even 20 years ago, what society deemed as rape was a man coming out of a dark alley and forcing sex on a woman with the use of violence; or at least with the strong threat of violence. That act was what society deemed as rape, and if the man was caught he would likely go to prison. Now, what if a woman went to a man's house to have a cup of coffee after a date? If he forced sex on her, even with her pleading him to stop, was that rape? At that time no it was not. If the woman went to the police, all she would likely hear are things like "You were coming on to him, he couldn't help himself." If the case even went to court she would practically be put on trial herself, the defense claiming that she was a slut and the man was just showing her a good time.

It's true. If the man didn't have a knife or beat the woman half to death, clearly it wasn't rape. That's what society believed.

So the term date rape was created. To describe an event of non-consensual sex which didn't fit society's "traditional" view of rape. BUT... today the term is outdated. "Date rape" is now simply considered rape.
I vote the term date rape be stricken from the lexicon. It's outlived its usefulness.
by GAW II June 25, 2008
United States Marine Corps.

Currently operating as their own branch of the US Military, the USMC was originally infantry for the US Navy. What is not commonly known (even among Marines) is that to this day the USMC is still officially part of the Navy. While they may operate independently of the Navy, the USMC has never technically been made its own branch.

Generally, Marines tend to despise the Navy (as well as the Army and Air Force) and its members, regarding them as inferior. This being the case, pointing out that the USMC is part of the Navy is often the simplest way to anger a Marine. Angering a Marine can be very funny or very stupid. Do so at your own risk.
The USMC is technically, officially, and administratively part of the Navy.
by GAW II July 22, 2008
The man that most anyone would agree should have won the republican presidential nomination in 2000, and would have been a far better president than George W. Bush. However, whether he would make a better president than Obama is highly debatable.

He is also a tough son of a bitch. He was shot down over Vietnam, took a bayonet to the groin, and was held (and tortured) for 5 years in a Vietnam POW camp. Don't nobody fuck with McCain.
Why didn't we get John McCain instead of Dubya?
by GAW II August 31, 2008
"The secret" is to take old, uncopyrighted material, republish and sell it as your own, and make millions. This isn't what the book "The secret" will tell you, but it's how the author got rich.
I just discovered "The secret" to easy wealth! It's plagiarism!
by GAW II May 08, 2008

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