11 definitions by gavint

Sleep Over Party. To sleep at someone's house
1) Wow, there is a lot of booze here, I'm never going to get home.
2) Don't worry, you can just have an SOP.
by GavinT March 18, 2008
To have to poop really bad. Turtle head or almost turtleing.
1) I have to go to the bathroom so bad! Man, this thing is half born!
2) Damn man, I didn't need to know that, go to the can!
by GavinT March 19, 2008
When food passes through you very quickly; in and out.
1) Dude, lets get this taco bell to go...
2) Why? lets just eat it here...
1) No way man, taco bell is a total bank job.
by GavinT March 21, 2008
the ultimate in an activity or sport.
Homerun, touchdown, goal, strike, bingo.

1) We are down 5-4, we need a couple of boomers to win this one!
by GavinT March 19, 2008
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