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the practice of being hung in an S&M dungeon in a string or other type bag while various sexual acts are performed on the captive "bagged" person
"I'm going to Birmingham/bristol this weekend to do some baggin'"
"Fancy some baggin' this weekend in the local travellodge"
"I was bagged up all weekend"
by gareth sumnall August 18, 2008
When small mousy looking men have sex with other men on film or camera for money

To be mouse like in stature but have a ginormous sexual appitite hence "jinormouse"

Porn slang in bristol/brimingham for a child like lookin performer
"I saw a real jinor mouse the other night"

"I was with a real jinor mouse last night"

" i was with a bloke last night and he was a jinor mouse"

"I hired a jinor mouse for a shoot the other day"
by gareth sumnall August 18, 2008
sexual practice (usually by homosexuals) where one pretends to be a puppy slave to 1 or more dominant masters.

they are usually on leads and where a choker, dog collar and name tag.

the person there for takes the role of a puppy and is completely submissive. it can also involve urination and toilet training
"I'm going to Manchester/Birmingham/Bristol to have some puppy love"

"I'm going to club 'gayhomo' and have some puppy lovin' time"

"On the weekends I like to do some puppy lovin' with strangers I meet on the net"
by gareth sumnall August 18, 2008
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