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1. Yeah right, whatever, sure. (sarcastic)
2. Get lost, go away, fuck off.
3. To get someone mad.
1. "Yeah I dumped 20 pills of ecstacy last night."
"Piss off cunt."
2. "You'd better piss off outta here before the cops arrive."
3. "You've gone and pissed off the IRS?Yo' in sum shit."
by gang fuck September 01, 2003
A grafiti crew. ie. 'NST'
"Nug Smokin' Team"
by gang fuck September 01, 2003
The escalating of a situation to extreme boling point. The ensuing spillover and chaos from doing something that will piss someone else off.
"The shit hit the fan after sum good sex, when I told her that I'd 'had better' the night before."
by gang fuck September 01, 2003
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