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5 definitions by gaily

Burning sage is a ritual where you burn a bundle of sage leaves to cleanse yourself or your dwelling from the bad things of the past. You 'burn some sage' when you need to stop, erase, and progress.
"Listen, dude, I know your last girlfriend was a total nightmare, but you need to just burn some sage and move on."
by gaily February 02, 2007
The attitude adapted by those who sign on to edit Urban Dictionary, only to find that 99% of the submissions are beneath human dignity.
"I used to be such a humaitarian, but after 1 hour of reading suggested additions, I have developed quite the UrbDictitude."
by gaily February 02, 2007
From the greek "raised eyebrows," to believe one's self to be above the others in one's group.
Anna was bright, but she was so superscillious that none of us could bear to listen to her.
by gaily February 02, 2007
That state of over-enjoyment you get when you go to some work event in a hotel/castle/mansion you would never get to visit otherwise.
"Maybe it was the champagne, but I was so chandelierious last night at the Plaza that I actually curtsied to my bosses wife!"
by gaily February 02, 2007
The act of trying to submit a word to Urban Dictionary. Not recommended when drunk, or otherwise impeaded as this tends to lead to entries which are stupid and/or simply mean.
"Shit, Terry was so wasted last night that he tried to UDict his last five girlfriends."
by gaily February 02, 2007