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A nigger.

Yet another word a white person can say without being labeled a racist. Just as long as they say quickly in a high pitched voice. Either that or the opposite, a slow low tone.
Honkey: Sup nocker
Nocker: Normally, I would kick your ass, being the ignorant black person that I am, but I had no clue what you just said.
Honkey: Whatev, nocker.
by gabe jackson October 19, 2004
Pat Bagshaw.

An extremely loud and obnoxious person from Conneticut. Likes the Red Sox and cock as well. Also has a horribly funny accent.
Pat(with accent): Comisaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Gabe Jackson(cool): Hey fagnuts, shut the hell up and get that dildo outta your butt.
by gabe jackson October 30, 2004
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