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1. 2Pac (cliche, but true)
2. Aesop Rock
3. The Notorious B.I.G.
4. Eminem
5. Mos Def
6. Nas
7. Sonny Cheeba (of Camp Lo)
8. Copywrite
9. Kanye West
10. Tonedeff
11. DMX
12. Deacon the Villain (of the Cunninglynguists)
13. Jay-Z
14. 50 Cent

Dishonorable mentions:
Puff Daddy (he keeps making money off Biggie’s work)
Nelly (just sucks. Plain sucks.)
Cash Money Millionaires (I don’t have much cash or money, nor am I a millionaire, so I can’t relate.)
Benzino (haha)
Ja Rule (cliché, but true.)
Fabolous (he just spells his name in every song; and his name is spelled wrong)
Snoop Doggy Dogg (his early stuff was really good… but then it went all downhill)
Juvenile (boo!)
Jay-Z (he’s good and all, but he keeps biting off of Biggie, plus he took 2Pac’s song “Me and My Girlfriend”, even though 2Pac dissed him.)

(Basically any rapper who has no substance in his lyrics; if it’s all about ass-shaking and diamonds and crap most people can’t afford, then it sucks. He’s basically saying, “My life’s better than yours! Nyah!”)

Also: Dr. Dre isn’t really a rapper; he’s just a good producer.
2Pac is the best. Ja Rule sucks.
by g-franc July 02, 2004

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