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An OK band back in the day. Anything after Blood Sugar is pretty much unlistenable-to due to the poor production - overcompressed and completely lacking in dynamic range. The songwriting might be good but there's no way to tell as the performance is butchered by some sound engineer acting on the decisions of some suit rather than trying to make the music sound good.

Terrible live band as Kiedis hasn't got a note in his head.
Mother's Milk was an amazing album but I can't listen to those damn Red Hot Chili Peppers these days. I'd check them out live but Kiedis can't keep up without post-production.
by fuzzix February 26, 2007
Misspelling of misogynist.

A misogynist is a woman hater but is often misapplied to refer to the poor bastard who's met Nurse Ratched or Annie Wilkes.

Some women you never recover from... ;-)
Well, she wrote about a mysoginist but I think she meant to call him a misogynist... Silly woman.
by fuzzix May 16, 2006

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