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(1) Juaquin Malphurs (born May 31, 1986) also known as flocka signed to So Icey Entertainment.
(2) Some1 that is from Riverdale Georgia but goes to the Great Escape movie theatre on exit 218 in Mcdonough Georgia (25 minutes away) because he has no street cred and no street respect
(3) Some1 that is a thug with his homeboys and a bitch / pussy by himself
Matt: Yo dat nigga Waka flocka Flame is a thug.. you should've seen him with his 50 friends in the club... dey was going ham.

Mark: Waka a fuck boy shawty... dat nigga was actin scary when he bought Kush from my homeboy.. and yes he was by himself

fuck boy thug going ham mcdonough georgia waka flocka flame jacked
Mark: you say Waka was in Great Escape
Matt: yea..
Mark: on exit 218
Matt: yea..
Mark: in Mcdonough Georgia...
Matt: yea
Mark: Damn!! you should've told me when.. I would've jacked him like dude did on Old National
by fux it May 17, 2010

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