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a lazy fat ass do-nothing internet blogger whose entire life is spent before a screen eating chips and KFC while attempting a last-gasp at a career in journalism read by no one; a play on "bump on a log" saying.
Ed sat like a lump on a blog for hours tweeting nonsense to the masses
#extra crispy #aneurism #pear-shaped #eye-strain #unemployment
by fup duck September 03, 2011
a botanist who, in attempting to collect a plant specimen for an herbarium voucher, fails to uproot the entire specimen, and instead collects only the top portion of the plant, which lacks the often diagnostic root system.
Tasha was a fine botanist, but also a real topsnatcher
#geek #dork #botany nerd #flower picker #hay bailer
by fup duck June 29, 2011
joyous greeting at an airport etc... resulting in majority of participants and innocent bystanders being heavily fondled and knocked to the ground
Amy's warm receptackle at RFK was just what we needed after the long standoff between President Carter and the hijackers.
#dog pile #group hug #gang rape #greeting #ambush
by fup duck July 01, 2011
analogous term from evolutionary biology meaning something that is extremely rare or obsolete
the odds of finding a hens tooth were better than the chances of locating the snowmobile keys lost somewhere in Cindy's overalls
#pearl #needle in a haystack #evolutionary oddities #mickey mantle rookie card #treasure
by fup duck July 01, 2011
a week visiting your girlfriend's relatives with little to do other than gas up the rental Pontiac at the Cum and Loaf, or rage out on a cornfield with your brother-in-law's John Deere
The trip to Kauai started out great but one glance at the sugar cane and I was having an Iowaweek flashback
#lodi #des moines #lube'n'buns #110% humidity #aunt mildred #deadbasket
by fup duck July 06, 2011
a quick sniff usually immediately following a display of cock-sure i told you so arrogance.
When the rains subsided after the river flowed through the living room Carla turned away while paddling the canoe and just then it was her resounding nasal snap that said it all.
#sniff #british #cocaine #teenager #robert redford
by fup duck July 03, 2011
term applied to a botanist who collects plants in a plant press, until the press is so full it resembles a bail of hay
That Marcus E. Jones was sure a hay bailer
#geek #dork #botany nerd #flower picker #topsnatcher
by fup duck June 29, 2011
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