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The country the U.S. should have toppled instead of going into Iraq.

Major contributing factor to all the misery, backwardness, and violence that exists in the Mideast. An impediment to democracy and freedom in that region and the Muslim world as a whole.

The most hated and despised nation in the Islamic world. They treat their own people like kings and ruthlessly discriminate against individuals of other backgrounds and religions.

Country that funnels billions of dollars of oil money to "charities" that wage war on innocents, while at the same time erects libraries and mosques to "buy" the respect of other nations.

A nation void of liberties, ruled by uneducated Bedouin who a century ago contributed nothing to the wellbeing of mankind. The only thing they contribute now just so happens to be the lifeblood of the industrial world - oil. And that too only because foreigners and ARAMCO are there to do the dirty work for them.

A country that will be absolutely fucked once oil becomes obsolete.

Synonyms: hypocrisy, illiteracy, perfidy, backward-thinking, lethargy...

Antonyms: civilization, education, progress, hard work
15 of the 19 hijackers hailed from Saudi Arabia.

The overwhelming majority of the insurgents in Iraq are Saudis.

The only country in the world that doesn't allow women to drive is Saudi Arabia.

If you practice any religion but Islam in Saudi Arabia, you can be arrested indefinitely. If you speak against the rulers of Saudi Arabia, you may be imprisoned and killed without ever seeing a judge.

Over 70% of Saudi youth are unemployed. Expatriates from poorer countries are more or less slaves in Saudi Arabia, hired to do the work for their Saudi overlords. Apparently, "Saudization" has a long way to go.

Mecca and Medina. Yeah, they're international cities. Look beyond those two locales to get a real feel for Saudi Arabia.

Want a modern example of an Islamic nation? Yeah, don't dwell on Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia should take a page out of Dubai's book if it wants to get out of the abyss it has been digging itself into for the past eight decades.
by fulani August 10, 2008
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