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Fukendrinkin is the act of drining, but accentuated with the slang "fuken"
Fukendrinking is also a person,
Fukendrinkin is not an alcoholic because he does not go to AA meetings.

Fukendrinkin is epic...the person and the act.
Damn, can you believe all the fukendrinkin that fukendrinkin has been doing?
by fukendrinkin January 14, 2009
A highly organized mob of individuals, who seek out the deer of the world. The rape the deer both physically, verbally and of course sexually. They act without remorse, or care.
Neuad was walking home from work last night, when he was suddenly assaulted by 5 members of the wolfpack, by the time they were done running double penetration on his ass, he could barely walk.

Link to graphic example;
by fukendrinkin January 10, 2009
NSFL also known as NLS means Not Safe For Life or Not Life Safe normally referring to a link someone or some website has sent you meaning no one should ever see it.
the video at 1guy-1cup.com is NSFL.

by fukendrinkin January 10, 2009

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