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a woman who is bitchy and annoying
my ex girlfriend is a damn crater vag
#cratervag #vag #crater #cunt #whore
by fuckmebeautiful March 01, 2007
southlake is a town full of bitches who wake up in the morning, snort a couple lines of coke off of their dresser, drive to school in their 70,000 sports cars and think that the world is just dandy. I mean hey, my dads a millionair! i dont have to possess things such as integrity and a strong work ethic to get far in life. What do southlake teenagers have to work for? THATS RIGHT, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. nuff said about southlake kids, lets move onto the adults that give southlake such a great name. I have to tell you, i have never seen so many MILF's in one place, thank god for southlake. Southlake moms, through months of pain and agony, have aquired bodies similar to the ones that mattel uses for their barbies. Thanks to plastic surgery southlake moms have large, succulent breasts and faces that resemble that of a 20 year old cheerleader. its seriously amazing. I personally feel bad for southlake dads because their shitbag kids and wives drain their fricked bank accounts in a matter of seconds. O well, i guess southlake is soooo cool. i mean nobody else cheats by combining two huge towns to make one giant shit stain on the map of texas. I think grapevine, colleyville, trinity, and L.D Bell should all combine and then we will see who has the best football team and the largest amount of drug problems. ok well im done bashing southlake, i dont think there is anything else to make fun of except for the fact that southlake guys dress like transvestites and dye their hair the same color as barbies when they are playing the most manly sport in the world. gaaahhhh ok im done
southlake sucks my left nutsack
#southlake #carrol #southlakecarrol #bitches #rich #spoiled
by fuckmebeautiful January 08, 2006
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