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The competetive process of two or more members aiming to bore out the fattest chick among a town full of grazing cattle.
Challenger#1 -Dude- I slayed out that 200 pounder!
Challenger#2 -That's nothing, my boar was weighing all of 220 when I hog tied her and proceeded to give her the vaginal beatdown.
by fuckerIdid April 30, 2003
Another word for gay, this creature can be found across the country puffing peters wherever he can.
Whooa...I think Skip might be puffin' the peter
by fuckerIdid April 30, 2003
Any strain of herb that renders the user undecided, dumbfounded, or mildly retarded(hence the name space) for a period of 2 to 4 hours after use.
WhoooWeee!!!!! That nigga's got the muthufukin' space cabbage mane!
Ooowwwh!!!!!Hot Buddy!!!Hot Buddy!!!
by fuckerIdid April 30, 2003
Any northern species,usually caught in Florida, trying to imitate and live up to its Floridian counterparts. Markings closely resemble strong connection between bird and mammal species - spike in hair aimed at a 90 degree towards the back of the head. Lobster tanning also found in 9 out of 10 of specimens.
Bob - "Was that a cocky seagull I saw profiling in the white regal?
Tom - " Sure was Bob, he must have forgot his L.A. Looks at home."
by fuckerIdid April 30, 2003
An addiction noted by user's inabiity to act in any manner other than cool. Victims display strong obsessive compulsive disorder behaviors usually consitent with those of the common player hater. If left utnreated, users render themselves isolated to outside world and usually become contemporary emo composers and major stockholders in paxil.
Aaaa....do you gus like pop wheelies and stuff? emo! emo! yea!
by fuckerIdid May 08, 2003
Tube steak, The preferred meal many ghetto hoe's of amercica.
Aleenherover has a serious addiction to tube steak.
by fuckerIdid May 08, 2003
100% Colombia's finest
After ingesting a snapper of the disco jammer, Riccardo changed his last name to El Suave.
by fuckerIdid April 30, 2003
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