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A redhead who loves Jeeps and loves sex as well. and especially loves sex in a jeep, or on a jeep.
Red headed sex machine, especially with blue eyes. that love to fuck in a jeep,,any jeep. A sexyjeeper is wanted by all men jeepers.
by fuckedherallnight November 12, 2012
Bonaflexual is the act of replicating jeep part names or actions in their sexual positions.

such as: This sexyjeeper is very bonaflexuel. ie to flex the jeep.

Her orgasm was totally bonaflexual. referring to her release or the quick disconnects on a Jeep.
She is a very bonaflexual sexyjeeper. meaning she loves to fuck in anyway that reminds her of a jeep, in a jeep or on a jeep. or in a jeep way.
by fuckedherallnight November 22, 2012
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