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3 definitions by fuck_ma_arse_ah

A small hairy growth that plays world of warcraft and rejects women
jerry: is that a stu beast sitting there?
billy: yup....unfortunately
jerry: kill it then?
by fuck_ma_arse_ah April 26, 2009
relatively usefull comback to anything that is thrown at you. Usually used by people who are dumb and have trouble staying on the toilet.
Harry: Your a fucking wanker Terry!
Terry: So'z your mum
Harry: My mum is dead Terry
Terry: So'z your mum, aww look i fell off the toilet
by fuck_ma_arse_ah April 26, 2009
The best contraception ever invented.
Hi my name is Leeroy jenkins and i chopped off my penis due to lack of use.....what's your game?
Try World of Warcraft free at:

by fuck_ma_arse_ah April 26, 2009