23 definitions by fsulaurie

This is an unfeminine condition in which females lift too many leg weights which results in masculine gams. The calves and thighs may become extremely defined with bulging veins.
Jessica's mangams are so huge that she can't find jeans that fit.
by fsulaurie August 26, 2009
This is an individual who tries to be sophisticated but just can't. They may have all the money to buy the finer things in life but still can't pull it off. The sophisticant lacks finesse, has no class, is outdated, and has terrible taste.
David picked me up in his new BMW to take me to an amazing restaurant tonite but I was embarrassed to be seen with the sophisticant because he was wearing an old, ill-fitting, tweed blazer and torn brown loafers.
by fsulaurie August 31, 2009
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