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A widow maker is a one-shot break-action 12 guage shotgun.
Don't make me pull out the widow maker boy
by frsky June 09, 2008
the most disappointing and depressing thing I have come to know
........................I hate life
by frsky June 16, 2008
Port Washington is a small town 30 miles north of Milwaukee with close to 11,000 people. Its full of people that think they're more important than they really are, making news on cnn for stupid enough issues as hazing, and a controversial gay survey. Kids are stupid, adults go crazy over everything, but occasionally you'll find someone pretty cool. Downtown has a curse where small businesses shut down every year, and are replaced by another which will just get shut down again. The cops are the biggest assholes you'll find in Wisconsin, and its against the city ordinance for anything to be open 24 hours. Since theres nothing to do after 9:00, kids resort to mischief and drugs. Then the parents bitch about it.
I live in Port Washington, and I really wish there was a 24 hour gas station here.
by frsky August 02, 2007
the most stupid fucking thing that pisses the fuck out of me
i hate tax deductible charity organizations
by frsky May 30, 2008
The act of inhaling a powder (usually cocaine) through one's mouth. Often done when the person's sinuses are clogged.
My nose was too stuffed up to snort a line, so I had to do a huffer
by fRsKy November 14, 2009
something that will never be as cool as skateboarding
snowboarding is cool and all, but skateboarding rocks the shit out of it
by frsky March 21, 2008

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