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Middletown, Rhode Island (M-town) where everyone knows everyone and no one leaves the island cut off from society. Where kids are so bored all they do is smoke and drink and get caught every night because the cops have nothing better to do. Most teenagers end up doing nothing with their lives because they never experience the "real" world. There are tourists 24/7 because of Newport and everyone hates them. In Middletown there's three things to do drink, smoke, and if yor're really extreme do coke off the back of toilet seats. At Middletown high school there is always cops and someone gets arrested eveyday. The only high school in the state that has alarms on the doors so everyone knows when someone is skipping. Where the football has the all state record for losing consecutivley except for the past two years. The only cheerleading team in the state where they allow three hundred pound girls to cheer and wear really short skirts.
Middletown Rhodelsland to worst town in the world

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