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2 definitions by fridgebridge

The shortest possible abbreviation of "Cool stroy bro."
"Cool story bro" itself is said to someone when they say something which is often boring or unrelated to the topic of conversation.

Distaste and disinterest in the topic is implied through the sarcastic remark, "cool story bro". Of course, the story was not cool - that is the point.

"Cool story bro" was changed to "Brool story co" in order to add slightly more variety to an over-used phrase. This became contracted to simply "brool".
John: "did you see the match yesterday? What a goal!"
Tom: "nah, saw the highlights though - keeper looked awful."
James: "i like cats"

Either Tom or John: "brool".

The initial conversation then resumes.
by fridgebridge February 01, 2012
The word exclaimed when a particular individual in a group makes shit banter whilst trying to be one of the lads. A vertical arm sweep/cutting motion is made at the same time, in order to portray a separation or screen between the person who made shit banter and the person calling "bellini".
Danny: "lads you seen the tits on mrs roberts? she may be a cow but I would milk those udders, know what I mean?!!"

Member of "lads": "Bellini".

Initial conversation continues.
by fridgebridge February 01, 2012