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the opposite of cool bananas, the phrase is said to have developed in scotland similair to cool bananas and has a link to the east coast, a student who usually used the term cool bananas expressed dissapointment and lost for words said rotten bananas and the phrase has spread since. rotten bananas is said when something is not cool, bad news has occured, or dissapointment has happend.
I could not get us tickets to the concert
"awww thats rotten bananas"

My hen just ran away
"unlucky man thats rotten bananas"
by freud guru December 29, 2009
cool bananas is a phrase which is scottish in origion, it is believed to have its roots in the county of Angus on the east coast of scotland by a student. it is a fairly recent term but is becoming increasingly popular it means something is fantastically cool, good, fantastic and so on this is the oppsite of rotten bannannas when something is bad.
I am away to go and play golf"

"cool Bananas"

"I got the best grades in my class"
"Cool bananas"
by freud guru December 29, 2009

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